1. Is the installation of basins and tubs the same as the installation of classic white sanitary appliances?

Yes, the installation is the same, even easier, as we are able to optimize all our products to your needs and dimensions.

2. Can I use any drain plug for basins, tubs and shower tubs?

Yes, you can use also other drain plug than the one primarily supplied by us for these products; however, it is necessary to consult it with our Sales Department.

3. How is wood protected against water?

Wood is varnished with special lacquers mixed in different ratio in each layer. SilverProtect lacquer layers are applied lastly. This nanotechnology is based on the content of silver micro-elements protecting human health and eliminating all bacteria present in a moist environment. More information about SilverProtect protection can be found here. Product is 100% protected against water infusion after the applying of all lacquer layers.

4. Can the product surface get damaged?

Lacquers used by us meet high criteria and are perfectly resistant and elastic in case of enormous loads and the most demanding conditions thanks to the mixing of exact rates in particular layers. Product surface can be damaged in case of a fall of heavy or sharp subject from a height which can cause total damage to ceramic made basin; wooden made basin shows only a crack in its varnish which can be removed by its re-varnishing simply and quickly.

5. Do I have to maintain surface with special procedures? Do I have to use special cleaning agents?

Our products do not require any special maintenance or care. Do not use rough cleaning agents, such as wire sponges, powder and paste cleansers containing solid abrasives. Toothpaste, soap and water drops can be removed easily with wet towel without the use of any cleaning agent. Products must be cared for in the same way as your own skin or your automobile lacquer. Special cleaning agents can be purchased for special care and prolongation of the surface quality. Otherwise, common cleaning agents available in any store can be used.

6. What warranty do you provide to your products?

We provide a 2-year warranty to all our products. Obviously, all our products are on a high quality level with their lifetime calculated to decades.

7. What are the advantages of your basins compared to other producers of wooden tubs and basins?

Creation of solutions and products suitable for your individual needs is the main competitive advantage of the Koner brand.
Our products are based on modern design and elegance.
We provide exclusivity and uniqueness.
We approach every customer individually.
We maintain life cycle and we try to help the nature, as well.

We have established the project “Wood of Life” (Drevo života), which is based on returning back nature’s gifts to us.

8. Which wood type are your products made of? Can they be made of a different type also?

Products are made of the African tree species called Okoume, but they can be made according to customer’s special requirements, as well.

9. How can I order a product?

Products can be ordered with any common means, such as: e-mail, phone, personally.

10. Who is the producer and distributor of the products?

Products are produced and distributed by Slovak company Koner s.r.o. itself.

11. Can the basins and tubs be equipped with faucets?

Of course, this is possible. Everything depends on the type of the basin or tub.

12. Do you produce custom made products?

Yes, apart of series production, we produce custom made products, as well. This is the main competitive advantage of the Koner company.

13. Where can I buy Koner products?

Products can be purchased at our authorized dealers. List of authorized dealers can be found here. 

14. What is the delivery time of your products?

Products available in our stock are usually delivered within 7-14 working days. Products not-available in our stock at the time of order are delivered within 8-12 weeks. Delivery times are estimative and products can be delivery much sooner.


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