Equip your home with interesting design accessories bringing you a new fresh touch. Refresh your home.


Elegant designed basins with smooth curves will enchant you in separately standing, countersink, pendant or direct board placed execution. Enhance your bathroom with a natural jewel.


Each tub has its own specification and timeless design. Find your own tub with properties that meet your desires the most.

Shower tubs

Get a feeling of natural luxury refreshment inside your bathroom. Shower tubs from the heart of nature will bring an unchangeable elegance to your home.


You haven’t found a product that would meet your desires or dimensions? We are at your service to materialize your desires into our products suited to your needs. Also, we can elaborate photo-realistic visualizations, in case of need.


15.03.2013 | Individuality and uniqueness of our products was also noted by TRENDY BÝVANIE magazine. Originally...